Kronberg Mini Project [Analog]: Schlosshotel Rhododendron, with Steinheil Quinon on Agfa Precisa / by J.Z.

Shot with Cosina-Voigtländer Bessaflex TM and Steinheil Quinon 55mm f/1.9 (1956, probably) on Agfa Precisa CT @ISO 125. Two trips, around 6.30 and 11 a.m. in mid of May. Shot wide open - because of the Quinon's superb bokeh, and because it was still quite dark right after sunrise. The gardens of the Schlosshotel are famous for their well kept variety of Rhododendron but at this time of the year, they really are just one big see of colors from various plants.  

Compare this look to Kodak Ektar 100, same hardware: