#365 is Dead, Long Life 1PAD / by J.Z.

I throw in the towel on 365.

With work and family, can't do it any longer, not even under the flexible rules I made for this project. Taking a picture and posting it, these two days grew further and further apart. Editing and posting at the end of a long day - yes, no problem. Better than telly. Taking decent images - no. I have the greatest respect for people who make this work. It didn't work out for me.

Going forward:

  • I'll keep the daily posting routine and will only include pictures on film but will select the images freely from the past few weeks.
  • I'll go back to adding info on hardware and film, as much to my surprise, some people were asking.
  • "365" has so many undertones that clearly don't apply here. I changed the category to 1PAD: 1 Picture A Day.