Kronberg Mini Project [Analog]: Contrasts, Shot with Contax G2 on JCH Street Pan 400 / by J.Z.

JCH Street Pan 400 shot at box speed with Contax G2, Biogon 28mm f/2.8 and Sonnar 90mm f/2.8, some with yellow filter. Developed and scanned by

1st time with Street Pan, in 135 format (120 does not seem to be available in Europe). With €9.50 a bit pricey. I like it and don't like it. Grain and sharpness are good. The atmosphere is almost surreal, which is OK for me. Deep shadows drop dead, which is also OK. Highlights burn out easily, although one would think that good highlights are the hallmark of analog. Also, I like it and don't like it how it renders colors. Look at the cranes, which are red: Here, almost white. Greens go dark wherever they are, and a yellow filter was enough to turn the sky almost black. All in all, definitely a great film, if only for the contrasty effect.