#365FilmProject / 76-89 - Fail / by J.Z.

This is embarassing. I ruined a roll of film.

I developed four rolls of HP @1600 yesterday. Or so I thought, but one of them was a roll of PanF @25. THE roll. Dead.

I was quite chuffed with that roll. It had 365-type of images of Düsseldorf, Bonn, Frankfurt, all quite close to how I roll. Pardon the pun.

I was thinking if I should fill the gap with other images from March. But I don't have that many, because I didn't have the time. And that would have stretched the rules a bit too much even for my liking.

Hugely annoying, but the deed is done. The ruined roll of PanF had the images for March 17 to 30. I will jump to day #90 (March 31) and will add the lost 14 days to the 365 curriculum.