#365FilmProject / 59 - Intermezzo / by J.Z.

By my count, this post completes February.

When I restarted this 365 project, I honestly didn't think I would get this far. Of course, bending the rules helped. But hey, this is my project, so there is no bending as such.

Since I have been asked, why is there such a big time lag between the dates of the images and the dates of their publication? Simple. There is the developing and scanning and, more importantly, both can start only when a roll of film is done.

There are quite a few crappy images that made it into the 365 project but would never ever have made it into my portfolio. I enjoyed making them for this project nonetheless, and I came out of it with new ideas for future shots.

The end of February was kind of important. I put my Hasselblad back to work (and bought a CW for longer lenses). It's such a joy using it. Thanks to the Hassy, I came back to medium format.

And to macro. Through the backdoor, if you want, since I am DSLR-scanning my b/w negatives with bellows and a Rodenstock for this project, in the interest of time. Swopped the D850 for a FM3a, works like a charme.

What else? I need to work on my note-taking, which has been virtually non-existent so far. I needed to guess which shot I took on what day a couple of times. But then again, does it matter?

So, on to March. The March rolls have been piling up. See you around.