Death and Rebirth of my Analog 365 Project / by J.Z.

My 365 project started on January 1 and failed almost immediately.

My plan was to shoot one image a day, the only condition being it had to be on film. I was giving myself a one-week grace period for putting those images on this blog.

The idea was born in a cottage, up in Scotland. Next to the fireplace, a dram or two. Xmas behind us, kids in bed. On day 4 back in Germany, I gave up. 

But even on those days, what I can do, what everybody can do, is this. After work, rather than watching the umpteenth TV report on how Frau Merkel governs the country - wind down, clear your head. By working on film stuff for a quarter of an hour or so. 

Here we go, my watered-down 365 project. Setting the clock back to January 1. Wish me luck.